What is WE?


 WE is a recipient owned non profit, that researches sustainable community developement.


WE groups together  homeless veterans & low income families to help each other while finding a smarter path for our future.


Please understand that this is not a hand out, as all members are shareholders. It only cost $10 & 3 hours a day (weekends free) to be a part of our nationwide network and receive a free off grid home in our private gated community. Shareholders get free Educational workshops on sustainable community development, off grid living and lifestyle recycling. We  are finding ways to consume trash as building material and even hydrolyze plastic into gas. We provide GMO free forest farmed meats, produce & plants, herbal incense, teas, along with alternative eco life therapy. You not only have a way to help yourself, but your also helping us to save our world!


Ozarks, Appalachian, Rocky & White Mountains

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