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“Sustainability is inherently static. It presumes there’s a point at which we can maintain ourselves and the world, and once we find the right combination of behavior and technology that allows us some measure of stability, we have to stay there. A sustainable world can avoid imminent disaster, but it will remain on the precipice until the next shock. Resilience, conversely, accepts that change is inevitable and in many cases out of our hands, focusing instead on the need to be able to withstand the unexpected. Greed, accident, or malice may have harmful results, but, barring something truly apocalyptic, a resilient system can absorb such results without its overall health being threatened.”

~ Jamais Cascio

The Transition is working to demonstrate Stone Soup Principles (the concept of sharing resources, and open-source sharing of ideas in order for all to benefit). Living this way is significantly more ecologically sustainable and a pathway to enhanced efficiency, ingenuity, and teamwork. Modern society is based on competition - for jobs, security, material goods, school grades, love, sex, among other things. BUDs provide an alternative based on sharing and cooperation. This is not a new notion, but an ancient one. In the years ahead, we may be faced with many occasions when our survival will depend on (re)developing cooperation. BUDsstand against the notion that competition is "just the way things are" and "nothing can be done about it." Competition is a practice fostered by an economic system that benefits the few. Part of the task of dismantling the corrupt and unjust system we live in as it stands, is whittling away at competitive outlooks and structures. The material on our site stresses the fundamental importance of building resilience, that is, the capacity of our co-op businesses, communities and settlements to deal as well as possible with any unforeseen shock. BUDs commit to building resilience across a wide range of areas (food, economics, energy etc) and to setting them within an overall context of the need to do all we can to ensure general environmental resilience. Most communities in the past had – a generation or two ago – the basic skills needed for life such as growing and preserving food, making clothes, and building with local materials. In this section of the website we hope to educate our Contributors on those basic survival skills once again.







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