Something remarkable is happening ...

All across the country and around the world citizens in every locale are banding together to reinvent their communities.

They are boldly looking at climate change, resource depletion and the economic crises and purposefully unleashing the collective genius of their communities to address these issues. They are not waiting for government and they are not acting alone. Instead they are building connections in their community; they are reaching out to others and spurring each other into actions that are bold, poignant and exhilarating. Together they are creating a momentum, a groundswell, an empowered and active community movement. These groups are building their future by vision, by design and by intention.

Along the way we have seen ordinary people become extraordinary, stepping out, working with others to create positive change.

In Houston a Transition instigator led his community into action through Permablitzes (creating gardens where there were lawns) one neighborhood at a time.

In Transition Ann Arbor local leaders convened their fourth "Re-skilling" festival where those who had skills to share taught those who wanted to learn.

In Transition Pittsburgh youth leaders instituted the ever widening Gift Circle (A Gift Circle is a way of building personal connections and fostering the flow of goods and services within a community).

And in Transition Sebastopol an avid gardener galvanized others to start the first community seed saving garden on the grounds of the Episcopal Church.

Examples of the impacts resulting from TIs springing up across the country include the brilliant seed library started by Transition Richmond, CA that was subsequently adopted by the San Francisco Public Library. The process: would-be gardeners check out seeds (with planting tips) in the spring, returning seeds after harvest for next year's bounty. The Transition Folkschool developed in Sandpoint, Idaho was adapted by Transition Whatcom in Washington State. Based on the Re-skilling theme the Folkschool will reach more people, offer more classes and create more opportunities for community members to build relationships.

We invite broad participation in all we do, in fact we know that the times require this. We are at a point in history where the future is calling out for all of us to step up, to be extraordinary. At this time too, we are given the very real task of having to work together.

We hope you will join us as we join you.

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