Position Open! Alternative Fuel Engineer-,Volunteer/Consultant

Plastic trash to gas? Yup!

Alternative Fuel Engineer-Volunteer/Consultant

A alternative Fuel Engineer's job duties cover all aspects of creating multiple alternative fuel sources using only sustainable means. This is a Volunteer/Consultant position. This person will be expected to meet all requirements of being a Pioneer Team member if their desire is to become a full time Pioneer Team member. The Alternative Fuel Engineer will assess the needs of our knowledge database & residents, and help to create new content & test the content by proceeding to conduct the construction of any necessary builds of devices . Their duties include, but aren't limited to, the following:

Writing and editing content (in Step-by-Step Format)

Designing alternative fuel devices

Determining technical requirements

Updating WE Network on new techniques

Creating back up files

Providing high quality photos and or video to demonstrate construction

Currently the team is interested in the following styles of alternative home construction:

  • Pyrolysis

  • Hydrolysis

  • trash as fuel

Please do not apply if you only have book or internet knowledge and have no prior experience in the actually field. You will be expected to have a portfolio of your work and references.

To get more information and apply please send resume' to wanderers.end@mail.com

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